SAMI MOKBEL AT THE FRANKFURT ARENA: Having taken the lead through Harry Kane, England were dominated for large parts of the game as Denmark equalised through Morten Hjulmand.

There they were, Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Andrea Cambiaso, sizing up the younger, fitter, faster, stronger man in front of them once again, like a couple of wounded bouncers realising they had bitten off more than they could chew but were in a fight they could not get out of. And Nico Williams just would not stop coming at them. ]]>

The prime minister promises to "boot out" anyone found to have broken gambling laws from the Conservatives.

– Jeg er dypt, dypt motivert, sier Rosenborg-trener Alfred Johansson - som i ferien ble koblet til andre trenerjobber.

FRANKFURT (Aftenposten): Tapre dansker. Svake engelskmenn. De neste dagene kommer denne mannen til å få det tøft.

Skal vi reise grønt, trengs det politisk vilje til å satse på jernbane.

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