Henry Kissinger, dubbed the 'Playboy of the West Wing', was a colossus on the global stage for six decades.

Social media was immediately awash with comment after the death this evening of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the age of 100.

The Oscar-winning actress, 56, warmed up proceedings in a thigh-skimming miniskirt and dazzling silver embellished heels while greeting fans outside Curzon Mayfair.

Legendary diplomat Henry Kissinger, who died Wednesday at the age of 100 , was still seen as influential on the world stage, giving some his final remarks on the Israel-Hamas war.

A UK-led task force will also begin patrols to protect Europe's critical undersea cables.

Safety watchdog highlights case as it warns a lack of continuity of care in England puts people at risk.

The largest ever real-world study found PrEP to work extremely well as a preventative treatment.

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